Walter Palmer

Director and Trustee

After a thirteen-year career as a professional basketball player in the NBA, Europe, and Latin America from 1990-2003, Walter Palmer spearheaded the founding of three athlete focused labour organizations, the last two of which continue to impact the world of sport to this day: the German basketball players association, Spieler Initiative, SP.IN (2005); the European Elite Athletes Association, EU Athletes (2007); and UNI Sport PRO, now the World Players Association (2012).

photo of Walter Palmer

In 2014-15, he served for a short time as the Deputy Executive Director for International Development & Marketing at the NBA Players Association before starting his own consulting business where he continued to advise player unions from around the world on issues related to organizing, governance, career development programming, and anti-doping policy. In his current role as Director of Dartmouth for Life in the Advancement Division at Dartmouth College, Walter’s team builds and implements career programming and content for alumni in all stages of life with a special focus on mid-career and post-university transitions.