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Convergence 2025

A world of responsible sport is within reach. Transforming sport at every level in ways that are consistent with international human rights, labour and sustainability standards will not be achieved by any one actor alone, but only through engagement and collective action across the entire sports ecosystem. This is a moment for the emerging sport and human rights movement to build on progress and commit to the ambitious efforts needed to make responsible sport a reality for all. 

In Convergence 2025, we set out the strategic plan for the Centre for Sport and Human Rights over the period 2021-2025. The strategy outlines urgent challenges and trends in sport and human rights and describes how the Centre will seek to address them through generating awareness, building capacities, and creating lasting value, in cooperation with our global network. Our collective approach is rooted in international standards, including the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as our shared commitment to the Sporting Chance Principles. 

Recognising the complex interconnections, interactions and interdependencies across the sports ecosystem, Convergence 2025 describes how we will work to offer engagement, support and dialogue that strengthens the efforts of individuals and institutions across the diverse actor groups and sectors represented.

Our strategic priorities for 2021-2025 will focus on actions to:

  • Nurture Thought-Leadership, Innovation and Knowledge on Sport and Human Rights
  • Strengthen Operational Systems and Practices in Sport to Align with Human Rights Responsibilities
  • Foster Inclusive Engagement, Cultivate Collective Action and Forge Transformational Alliances
  • Address Harmful Practices and Human Rights Violations in the World of Sport
  • Build a Self-Sustaining Global Organisation

In everything we do, we will champion critical thematic issues and ensure that the voices and agency of those directly and indirectly impacted by sport are respected and amplified.

Only by working Together for Better can we realise a future for sport that is responsible, sustainable and prosperous.

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Convergence 2025 is our commitment to engaging with the entire sports ecosystem in ways that drive positive change, strengthen respect for human rights, and help shape the future of sport with hope, confidence and optimism.

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