Rumble V3

Rumble in the Jungle - Rematch

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Special Event: 31 October 2023, 18:45h local time

Canada Water, London


The Centre for Sport and Human Rights is pleased to announce a partnership with the theatre company Rematch to host a special one-off performance of "Rumble in the Jungle: Rematch".

Part theatre show, part festival, Rematch re-imagines history’s greatest sporting moments as incredible immersive events. On 31 October 2023, travel back in time to Kinshasa 1974 for the Rumble in the Jungle. Experience Zaire 74, the legendary festival where Soul and Funk met Afrobeat and Salsa and then witness George Foreman and Muhammad Ali fight for the heavyweight championship of the world. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, scent, spectacle and sweet, sweet soul music of a forgotten Festival and an unforgettable Fight.

For one evening only, the show will have an exclusive takeover by the Centre for Sport and Human Rights to address themes of social justice, athlete activism, and human rights advocacy. The event will celebrate 75 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - bringing alive how human rights connect to us all. Acknowledging the history and legacy of Muhammad Ali’s activism and impact on human rights, the event will feature special guests, announcements, and opportunities to recognise the importance of athlete voice and activism on contemporary human rights causes.

This is an invitation only event to which we are able to offer complimentary tickets enabled with thanks to our partners and sponsors. Please register to express your interest in attending.

Requests for tickets will be reviewed by our team and invitations will then be issued subsequently by email and will require you to RSVP.

Please direct any queries to [email protected].