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Second Annual Sport and Human Rights Reading List

As part of the Centre’s educational work, we publish an annual ‘Sport & Human Rights Reading List’, which contains references and links to carefully selected publications relevant to the broader field of sport and human rights.

The first version of the list was published in February 2022 including what we at the Centre consider key readings on sport and human rights since the Centre’s inception in 2018. For this second version, we have included more recent publications from 2022. The readings are structured first chronologically, starting with the most recent, and then alphabetically according to the title.

We opened a public request for input into this second edition and would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to engage. We have carefully reviewed the suggestions and included the relevant resources. This list only presents a snapshot of the relevant literature available on sport and human rights. More material can be found in our online library. For future reading lists, we will continue to consult with our network and are happy to consider suggestions.

For suggestions and questions on this list, please email [email protected]

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