CSHR Launches New Strategy: Convergence 2025

Ahead of next week’s Sporting Chance Forum, the Centre for Sport and Human Rights today launched Convergence 2025, its strategic plan for the period 2021-2025.

The strategy outlines the current challenges and trends in sport and human rights, and describes how the Centre will seek to address them through activities undertaken in cooperation with a diverse global network of individuals and institutions from various actor groups and sectors represented in the global sports ecosystem.

Convergence 2025 highlights the Centre’s work to generate awareness, build capacity and create lasting value in sport through a human rights lens focussing on multi-stakeholder engagement, providing targeted support and mobilising constructive collaboration to address a range of important topics, themes and initiatives critical for delivering responsible sport at all levels.

The Centre’s strategic priorities for 2021-2025 will focus on actions that:

  1. Nurture thought-leadership, innovation and knowledge on sport and human rights,
  2. Strengthen operational systems and practices in sport to align with human rights responsibilities,
  3. Foster inclusive engagement, cultivate collective action and forge transformational alliances,
  4. Address harmful practices and human rights violations in the world of sport; and
  5. Build a self-sustaining global organisation.

The Centre will ensure that the voices and agency of those directly and indirectly impacted by sport are respected, protected and amplified. Convergence 2025 will be presented and discussed at the Sporting Chance Forum, the Centre’s annual conference which runs from 4-7 October, and which will be held fully online this year. 

Mary Harvey, CEO of CSHR said: We’re grateful to our Board and all our stakeholders for their collaboration and engagement in developing our roadmap for the years ahead. Convergence 2025 is about working together to realise a shared vision of a world where responsible sport is a reality everywhere. We believe that world is within reach. 

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