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Request for Proposals: Generation 2026 Child Safeguarding in Sport Evaluation Contract


The Centre for Sport and Human Rights (Centre) invites proposals to provide program evaluation, consultation and the development of evaluation measures for Generation 2026: Advancing Safer Youth-Inclusive Sports.

The Centre is teaming up with North American partners in four host cities - Guadalajara, New York/New Jersey, Toronto, and Los Angeles - to make sports safer for children. Our focus is on the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2026 and its potential to boost child safety and rights in sports. This project aims to measure and improve child safeguarding in sport, and increase child participation.

Since 2023, the Centre has worked closely with Maximum City, a Toronto-based organization, to develop a logic model, evaluation plan, and other project deliverables related to child rights in sports. In this next phase of the project, the Centre will continue working with Maximum City with a focus on child and youth participation and experiences of events like the FIFA World Cup 2026, including a data dashboard across host cities. We are seeking to add an evaluation partner to join the project team whose expertise and focus will be on supporting child safeguarding in sport-specific evaluation measures in the three host countries The Centre also seeks proposals from individuals or institutions with experience surveying children and youth; and in ethics or institutional review board approvals in the U.S. and/or Mexico.

About the Centre for Sport and Human Rights

The Centre was established in 2018 and its mission is to advance a world of sport that fully respects and promotes human rights by generating awareness, building capacity and creating lasting value through the responsible delivery of day-to-day sport and sporting events around the world. 

The Centre is a UK registered charity (Company Number 11422595, Charity Number 1187647)) controlled by a Swiss association whose Members and Permanent Observers include the intergovernmental standard bearers for human rights – the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Office of the UN Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Through the Association and its Advisory Council, the Centre brings together an unprecedented coalition of governments, intergovernmental organisations, sports bodies, civil society organisations, sponsors and broadcasters. Together we are working to achieve our mission through delivery of our strategy Convergence 2025.

The Centre’s work is rooted in normative international human rights standards. The values that guide how we serve and support our community and affected groups and work with our partners are to be trustworthy, legitimate, innovative, collaborative and enabling.

Proposed Scope of Work

As part of the Centre’s Generation 2026 project with host cities for the FIFA World Cup 2026 focused on improving child safeguarding in sport; increasing child participation; developing new partnerships; and increasing capacity and commitment to child rights, the Centre is requesting evaluation contract proposals to do the following:

  • provide consultation and updates related to safeguarding and child protection to the data dashboard being developed by Maximum City; advise Maximum City and the project team on child safeguarding matters
  • meet monthly with the Centre and Maximum City to coordinate and manage project deliverables
  • design process and outcome evaluation measures on child safeguarding in sport resources that are in development, with a focus on three thematic areas: venues and stadiums, day-to-day sport, and city government
  • develop city-specific evaluation measures on child safeguarding in sport to measure city improvements over time
  • Apply for survey approval through ethics/institutional review board process in the U.S. and/or Mexico

The contractor will work in liaison with Centre staff and report to the Head of North America. We expect the work of the evaluator to start in April 2024 and be completed by August 2026. 

Proposal Requirements

  • Overview of you/your company/your services and where you are located.
  • Experience working in the U.S., Canada, and/or Mexico and if applicable, any additional language proficiency in Spanish.
  • References and examples of previous work.
  • A proposed cost or range for the total project.
  • List your experience surveying children and youth
  • List your experience applying for and obtaining ethics or institutional review board approval to administer surveys to children
  • Any additional requirements / expectations from your side.
  • Your terms & conditions.

Proposing parties are encouraged to read the Centre’s Code of Conduct and its Ethical Procurement Policy.


  • RFP advertised by 23 February 2024.
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 23.59 EST 24 March 2024.
  • Contract awarded and work to start by 30 April 2024.
  • Submission of final deliverables by 31 August 2026.


Please send enquiries and your final response to [email protected].  

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