The Centre for Sport and Human Rights welcomes your concerns, feedback or complaints and will seek to resolve these. We are committed to engaging our stakeholders and providing a means by which individuals and organisations can bring to our attention non-compliance with our own Code of Conduct or policies, or breaches of any laws or norms that you believe we should be aware of. To raise a complaint or grievance please email:

Please note that this channel is for the receipt of third-party complaints in accordance with our Third Party Complaints Procedure. This procedure relates only to complaints about the conduct of the Centre and is not a mechanism to raise complaints or grievances about human rights cases in the world of sport that are not directly connected to us as an organisation. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources or expertise to take on specific cases or give advice to people who want to report human rights violations. We regret that we are unable to investigate individual cases in this way or offer contact to any of our Advisory Council members in relation to individual cases. Please also note that if you work for us or with us in any capacity, then you should refer instead to the Code of Conduct, Complaints and Grievances Policy in the Policy Handbook, or for employees to your Employee Handbook for the appropriate process.

If your complaint is with respect to a safeguarding-related issue then we offer an accelerated channel that directly connects to our Head of Safeguarding and Protection.

If your correspondence relates not to a complaint you are raising but rather as a whistleblower drawing our attention to suspected misconduct, illegal acts or failure to act then we offer a specific whistleblowing channel.

Finally, if you wish to make your complaint anonymously (irrespective of your relationship with the Centre) then you may do so using the form below.

Please note that the above address and the form below will raise your concern with the Centre’s Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive. If your complaint relates to either or both the Chief Executive or Deputy Chief Executive, then you are welcome to reach out to other staff members and convey your complaint directly to our Board of Directors.

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