Past Event: Fourth Edition Of The Mega-Sporting Events Host Governments Forum

Past Event

02 Mar 2023 2:00pm to 02 Mar 2023 4:00pm (CET)

Geneva, Switzerland

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights, convened the fourth edition of the Mega-Sporting Events (MSEs) Host Government Forum (the “Host Government Forum”) on 2 March 2023. The fourth edition of the Forum brought together representatives from three continents to discuss their work to prepare upcoming major events.

Governments and hosting authorities play a vital role in supporting the preparation, delivery and legacy of MSEs. People living in the cities and regions where MSEs are held are those most affected by the positive and negative impacts of these events, which give Host Countries and Cities the opportunity to leverage sport’s inherent power to create positive change and to bring celebrations of human achievement to their people.

The human rights risks connected to MSEs can differ by country, but the underlying
challenges for Governments seeking to prevent and address adverse impacts are similar.

To demonstrate commitment to meeting their responsibilities and obligations under relevant human rights instruments, principles and standards, Governments have a duty to identify gaps between those standards and domestic laws and practice. The organisation of MSEs is an opportunity for Governments to identify these gaps, address them and forge real opportunities for human rights legacies.

The Host Government Forum is an independent initiative of the Swiss Government,
supported by the Centre for Sport and Human Rights. It provides a platform for informal dialogue and consultation among Governments in relation to capacity building, implementation, and good practices related to protection of human rights associated with hosting sport events.

Presenters at the recent Forum session included representatives from Governments and local organising committees hosting the Jeux de Francophonie in Kinshasa 2023, the Paris Olympic Games 2024, the Dakar Youth Olympic Games 2026, and Mexican representatives from the FIFA World Cup 2026.

Speakers and participants discussed their latest initiatives and exchanged information on a range of issues including efforts to prevent and mitigate human rights risks to people, to engage with stakeholders, to promote respect for human rights through the organisation of their events, and to work with all actors in the sport ecosystem towards ensuring a positive social legacy from these sporting events.

The Swiss Government will further promote these exchanges to ensure that future MSEs are successful in all aspects, to the benefit of all, with human rights due diligence becoming part of their DNA.

Host Government Forum exchanges will continue to inform the work of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights in the development of tools and resources with the help of sport ecosystem experts and actors, all aimed at advancing a world of sport that fully respects and promotes human rights by generating awareness, building capacity and delivering impact.

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