Remedy Background V3

Initial reflections on human rights compliant investigations

Over the past year, the Centre has consulted widely with a range of stakeholders on how sports organisations can improve their responses to reports of abuse. The project – Roadmap to Remedy – was borne out of a realisation that, across continents and disciplines, those most affected by abuse – victims, survivors, and whistle-blowers – all shared concerns about inadequate, unsafe and ineffective investigation and resolution mechanisms.

CSHR, with support from the Clifford Chance Foundation, teamed up with a group of Affected Persons across the globe to explore together what needs to improve when it comes to investigating abuse, reaching determinations and resolutions based on the evidence gathered in investigations, and better engaging Affected Persons in building longer term solutions.

CSHR will publish a number of guides on these topics in the coming year.

As a taster, we have published our top five initial reflections on good practice for investigations undertaken by or on behalf of sports bodies, co-created with – and with our gratitude to – the many Affected Persons who helped shape this content. Please, see below to download it.

Image Box Of Remedy Output 1

Roadmap to Remedy Output 1

Preview of co-created guidance on human rights compliant investigations


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