Remedy and redress for sport-related human rights abuses

Centre for Sport and Human Rights

This special issue, organized and edited by Daniela Heerdt and William Rook with the support of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights (the Centre), brings together different perspectives and expertise on one of the most challenging issues in sport: remedy and redress for sport-related human rights abuses. The goal of this special issue is to stimulate further research, encourage new perspectives, and to further enrich a growing body of work that is increasingly identifying gaps and proposing a diverse range of solutions. A joint project like this, together with the International Sports Law Journal, is one of the many ways in which the Centre hopes to contribute to sharing knowledge and building capacity across the entire sports ecosystem, and to connect with contemporary research from emerging and established researchers. With the rising number of reports on cases of abuse in sport, and MSEs taking place in countries with poor human rights records, the need for more knowledge and understanding of how to address human rights abuses in the sporting context is more pressing than ever.

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