Centre for Sport and Human Rights and the World Academy of Sport launch Global Sport and Human Rights Academy

The Centre for Sport and Human Rights (CSHR) and the World Academy of Sport (WAoS) have today announced the launch of the Global Sport and Human Rights Academy (GSHR Academy).

In 2023, CSHR in partnership with WAoS, will be launching online courses and bespoke content on critical topics and themes in sport and human rights, including tailored pathways for different stakeholders such as federations, sponsors and others in the sports ecosystem. This will build on CSHR’s existing resources and educational activities and support long-standing goals to democratise, disseminate and demystify human rights for all those engaged in sport.

The launch fulfills priorities established in CSHR’s Convergence 2025 strategy to nurture thought-leadership, innovation and knowledge within sport about human rights and strengthen systems and practices within sport to align with human rights responsibilities.

The GSHR Academy’s goal is to offer strategies and resources that allow stakeholders to address a human rights agenda within the context of their respective environments. To this end, the Academy will:

  • Cultivate and curate multi-sector research on sport and human rights.
  • Strengthen the capacity of all actors in sport through learning and development programmes.
  • Build a diverse global network of faculty, guest lecturers, experts, advocates and activists.
  • Facilitate an educational network and publish a global digital library through a one-stop virtual learning platform, CENSEO, pioneered by WAoS for the global sporting world.

The Academy will launch with an initial ‘101 Module’, a three-part introduction to sport and human rights. This module will enable actors from any field - from academia to sport federations - to gain a basic understanding of the opportunities and risks that exist within sport, and the mechanisms that can be developed in response to both.

Mary Harvey, CEO of CSHR, said: “With the launch of the Global Sport and Human Rights Academy, we are finally able to bring knowledge of sport and human rights to a global scale, making it accessible to everyone. We are pleased to be partnering with the World Academy of Sport to bring this new global academy to life.”

Chris Solly, CEO, WAoS said: “ We are delighted to work with the CSHR team on this profoundly important topic. We all know that sport has the power to change not just attitudes, but also behaviour. This new partnership ensures that together we can assist all parties in the global sporting ecosystem to navigate change and celebrate and share best practice on a global scale.”

Click here for more information on the Global Sport and Human Rights Academy and to register your interest in the 101.

About the Centre for Sport and Human Rights

Launched in June 2018, the Centre works towards a world of sport that fully respects human rights by sharing knowledge, building capacity, and strengthening the accountability of all actors through collective action. The Centre is chaired by Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Through its Advisory Council, CSHR brings together an unprecedented alliance of intergovernmental organisations, governments, sports bodies, athletes, hosts, sponsors, broadcasters, civil society representatives, trade unions, employers and their associations, and national human rights institutions all dedicated to a world of sport that fully respects human rights. Advisory Council members work to advance individual and collective action throughout the sport ecosystem in line with the Sporting Chance Principles.

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About The World Academy of Sport

The World Academy of Sport (WAoS) is a global leader in Education for Sport, providing tailored education programmes for sports leaders, managers, administrators and officials for over 20 years.

WAoS is a dynamic organisation passionate in the belief that sport can inspire and develop communities the world over. Through the power of education and sport, human legacies become tangible to provide long term positive impact. Its mission is to provide learning pathways for participants in the international sport sector through exceptional education programmes and partners.

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